Philippians 2:1-11 – THE HUMILITY OF CHRIST – Sermon by Egan Yip

People are often too prideful. We can easily find pride in our work, in our wealth, in our status, and even in our faith as Christians. But selfish pride will only bring about grumbling and arguments. Sometimes this pride will even blind us from making the right decisions. If we are so centered on our point of view and our desire to be right, then we don’t properly consider the point of view of others.

Just imagine what it would be like, then, if everyone had this humility of Christ. People would be more considerate. People would be more patient and understanding. It would be easier to get along with one another if our priority was in serving each other in humility.

Above all else though, we must remember how great a sacrifice Christ made when he came to this earth to die on the cross. That should be our inspiration in making our own sacrifices for the sake of others. Whatever we do will never amount to what Christ has done for us. But we can still follow in his example, and be unified in Him by having His mindset of humility.

Categories: ENGLISH SERMON, 證道

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