启示录的信息 The Message of the Book of Revelation by Pastor Carpus Yip 葉華牧師/Bilingual Edition – Simplified Chinese and English.


要传讲末世预言 (Revelation 启示录 22:10-19)

启示录的最後一章与第一章都有一个共同点,就是强调本书的重要 性,叫人不要轻视这本书。那些读了又照著行的人有福了,不相信、不 跟随的人有祸了。新旧约圣经六十六卷里面,以这一本最独特,不断讲出它的权威性。不单清楚说是耶稣基督自己的话,也告诉人是信实可靠 的,要人多读、相信、遵行。
The first and the last chapters of Revelation have something in common which is the emphasis on the importance of this book. It tells people not to take this book lightly. Those who read it and follow it will be blessed but woe to those who do not believe and do not follow it. Of all the 66 books from the Old and the New Testament, this book is the most unique one since it continually speaks of its authority. It not only says it clearly that those are the words of Jesus Himself, but also tells people that those words are trustworthy and true and we should study it, believe it and follow it.

原因它是讲将来的事,对於预言,人对它的接受,常有保留。另一 方面,它的内容也太神奇了,不容易明白,肯定很多人放在一边不去读 它,听到也不真的相信。主要约翰传讲,不要封起来,要让普世知道。
People have their reservations regarding accepting prophecies. On one hand, it speaks of the things to come; on the other hand, the content of this book is too mysterious, it is not easy to understand. I am sure many people would just put this book aside; they don’t want to read it and if they hear about its message, they would not believe it. The Lord wanted John to preach the message of Revelation, not to seal the book but to tell about it to everyone in the whole world.




10 Then he told me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll, because the time is near.


神曾吩咐但以理,要封闭某些末日的预言。但以理12:4:「但以理 阿,你要隐藏这话,封闭这书,直到末时,必有多人来往奔跑,知识就 必增长。」但以理看见的异象很多,有些是在他的时代应验,有些是在 二叁百年後发生,有些是关於末世的预言。主吩咐他要封了其中一些预 言,到底是哪一些呢?
Once God told Daniel to seal up certain prophecies. Daniel 12:4: “But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” Daniel saw many prophecies, some of the prophecies happened 200 to 300 years later, others will happen during the end times. God told him to seal certain prophecies, so which ones were the ones he was told to seal?

主要他封闭的,是最後末日的预言,是七年大灾难的情形或日期。 神要他封闭到甚麽时候呢?是要「直到末时」。为甚麽早期封闭,末期开 封?因为到了末时,必有多人来往奔跑,知识就必增长。在末後时代, 交通发达,一天之内,可以到世界另一边,全世界流行走来走去,每天 有几亿人坐飞机旅行,见识多了,资讯发达,任何地方发生的事,马上 全世界都知道,表示很多圣经论关於末日的预兆,人留心的话,都可以 看出来。到末世之时,人就能明白预兆。
The prophecies that the Lord wanted Daniel to seal were prophecies concerning the end times. Those prophecies were related to the 7 years of great tribulation. Until when did God want him to seal the prophecies? It was “until the time of the end”. How come it was to be sealed during earlier times and opened during the end times? Because during the end times many will go here and there to increase knowledge. During the end times transportation will be greatly developed, people could go to the other side of the world in one day. Every day hundred of millions of people fly all over the world, their knowledge has increased. Information is so developed that if something happens somewhere in the world, everyone will know about it right away. This means that many Bible theories regarding signs of the end times can be seen if careful attention is paid. People will understand the signs when the end times come.

在古代跟人说,将来有很多空难,会有人造卫星相撞,太空垃圾墬下,会有很多人患上癌症,有很多辐射、污染,使人产生怪病而死。他 们不会明白。说了也是白说,所以要封起来。到末日,人的见识多了, 很多圣经说的预兆人都看见了,就能关联起来。不信的人可能还是不明 白,但信主的人就能够领会。有信心的人就能够早做準备迎接主回来。
If you tell people from the past that in the future there would be many plane crashes, that man-made satellites will collide, that outer space trash would drop from the sky, that many people will have cancer and that there would be lots of people getting sick and dying from radiation and pollution, they would not understand what you are talking about. You would have said it in vain, that is why that prophecy had to be sealed. During the end times, people would have gained knowledge and experience, people would have seen many of the signs that were written in the Bible, then they could relate to them. The unbelievers will continue in their unbelief, but those who belong to God will be able to understand it. Those who have faith can prepare themselves to welcome the Lord on His second coming.

约翰的时候,已经吩咐不可以封闭,因为日期近。封闭是不可讲出 来。不可封闭,当然就是尽力公开宣扬,让人知道,不可以看为机密。
During John’s time, he was told not to seal up the words of the prophecy because the time was near. To seal means to not speak out. No to seal it up, of course means to spare no effort to proclaim it publicly to let everyone know that it is not a secret.


但以理时要封闭的,约翰的时候要开封。为甚麽?关键在於时机。 日期近了,或末日到了,就要开封。所以神吩咐祂僕人对预言的处理, 是要看时机。越近末时,越要宣扬。
During the times of Daniel it was supposed to be sealed and during the times of John it had to be opened. Why? The key is timing. When the time was at hand, when the end times arrive, that is the time to open it. God told his servants to handle the prophecy according to the timing. The closer to the end, the more we should proclaim it.




11不义叫他仍旧不义,污秽的叫他仍旧污秽,为义的叫他 仍旧为义,圣洁的叫他仍旧圣洁。12看哪,我必快来,赏罚在 我,要照各人所行的报应他。
11 Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.” 12 “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.


主来之日,是报应的时候,审判的时候。审判的日期已经定好了, 祂一来,一切都成了定案,再没有机会更改。世人都是罪人,将以罪人 身份上法庭受审判。但还没有到那一天时,我们仍然可以改变身份,从 犯人拦到證人栏。
They day of the Lord is payback time, the day of judgment. The day of judgment has already been set, when HE comes, everything will be finalized, there will be no more opportunity for change. All people are sinners and they will be judged as such. But while the final judgment day is not here yet, we can still change our status from the criminal line to the witness stand.

因为现在仍然是接纳的时候,还可以作改变。到那日,不义的人就 是不义,污秽的人就是污秽,为义的仍旧为义,圣洁的仍旧圣洁,不能 改变了。就像考试的人,到了时间要停笔了,试卷要收了,不能再改答 案了,结局已经定了,人的悔改转变,一定要在接纳的时候做。到了报应、赏罚的时间,结果已经定了,不能再改变。
Right now it is still the time for acceptance, you can still change. On that day, the one who does wrong will continue to do wrong, the vile person will continue to be vile, the one who does right will continue to do right and the holy person will continue to be holy, you will not be able to change anymore. It is like someone taking an exam, when the time is up you will have to put down your pen and the test will be collected, the answers cannot be changed anymore, the outcome has been set. If people want to change and repent, it must be during the time of acceptance. When the time of the retribution comes, the time of reward and punishment, the result will already be determined, it cannot be changed anymore.




13我是阿拉法,我是俄梅戛,我是首先的、我是末後的, 我是初、我是终。
13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

基督是创始成终的神,祂创造了人类历史的开始,也定好了这旧天 地的结束,祂创始了一套救赎的计划,也一定完成这个计划。
Christ is the God of beginning and the end. He created the beginning of human history and will also set the time when this old heaven and earth will end. He started the plan of salvation and He will definitely finish His plan.

以前的人,可能一生有几十年的光阴可以做决定,但到末世,不一 定再有时间拖延。以前的人以为宇宙可以存到永远,现在知道有开始, 也有结束。所以要尽快把末世信息告诉罪人,让人準备主的日子来到。
The people in the past may have decades of lifetime to make a decision, but during the end times, there might not be time to procrastinate. In the past people believed that the universe would last forever, now we know that it had a beginning and it will have an end. That is why we should tell sinners about the message of the end times as soon as possible, so that the people would be ready for the second coming of the Lord.

有人虽然相信末日,但心想可能还有很长的时间,主虽然说「快来 了」,说了二千年还没有到,会不会再等二千年?不过主还告诉人祂来 之前的兆头,有了预兆可以看,就知道大概的时间。就像看天气预测, 现在有科学家为人服务,虽然预测有时也会错,但如果他们发出风暴的 警告,我们岂可以不听,岂可以不作準备?
While some people believe in the end of the world, in their hearts they think that maybe there is still a long time to go. Although Jesus said: “I am coming soon”, it’s been 2000 years and He still hasn’t returned. Will we have to wait another 2000 years? However, the Lord has told us about the signs that will happen before His return. By looking at those signs, we will be able to know more or less the time of His coming. It’s like watching the weather forecast; although sometimes the forecast may not be accurate, we still have scientists studying the weather. If they issue a storm warning, shouldn’t we listen to them and be prepared?




14那些洗净自己衣服的有福了,可得权柄能到生命树那里, 也能从门进城。
14 “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city.

主救恩是白白给我们的,祂为我们钉了十架,为我们受罪的刑罚。 我们得救,得称为神的儿女,藉著祂的血洗净衣服,都是白白得到的。 但衣服洁净所代表的,却是有圣洁的生活、行为。就是说,得救之後的 生活行为,都应该蒙主洗乾净了,如果没有洗乾净,仍然犯罪作恶,可 能是没有真正得到这白白的救恩。
The Lord’s salvation is given to us freely. He died on the cross for us, He took the penalty for our sins. We are saved and called to be children of God by His blood that washed our garments clean, all these things are free to us. However, the washed garments represent a holy life and actions. In other words, the way we live after being saved must also be holy and clean. If the person is not clean, if he or she still sins and acts wickedly, it may be that the person did not receive the salvation that was given to him or her freely.


基督在这里再强调,这书里的话是祂亲自对我们说的,人必须相信 又遵行,纔能得到天国的福。纔有资格进入天国,进入新耶路撒冷,纔 能得到生命树的供应。
Here Christ emphasizes once again that the words of this book are spoken directly to us by Him. Mankind must believe and act upon it in order to receive the blessings of the kingdom of heaven and to enter into the new Jerusalem to have the right to the tree of life.

15城外有那些犬类、行邪术的、淫乱的、杀人的、拜偶像 的,并一切喜好说谎言编造虚谎的。
15 Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

「犬类」,或狗出现在这里,是不容易明白的。有人用这句话断定, 狗只不能进天国。那到底在新天新地里,有没有动物、畜牲?是不是只 有狗不能进,其他的畜牲可以?我们可以肯定这里说的「犬类」不是指动物、狗。
The word “dogs” mentioned here is not easy to understand. Some people use this phrase to conclude that dogs cannot go into the kingdom of heaven. Will there be any animals and livestock in the new heaven and the new earth? Are dogs the only animals that will not be allowed in heaven? We can be sure that the “dogs” mentioned here are not referring to dog animals.

申命记23:18说明狗是指「男妓」。「娼妓所得的钱,或娈童【原文 是狗】所得的价,你不可带入殿里还愿。」中国人称妓女作鸡,大概因 为妓与鸡音近。犹太人称男妓作狗,包括作同性恋淫业的人。
Deuteronomy 23:18 explains that a “male prostitute” is referred to as a dog. “You must not bring the earnings of a female prostitute or of a male prostitute [Hebrew of a dog] into the house of the Lord your God to pay any vow, because the Lord your God detests them both. Chinese people call the female prostitutes, “chickens”; probably because the word prostitute and the word chicken have a similar sound. Jews call the male prostitutes “dogs”, which includes those who practice homosexuality.


一切犯罪作恶的人,跟随异教的人,不听从主话语的人,没有主生 命的人,没有圣灵引导的人,全部都不能进天国。就算受了洗,在教会 名册上有了名字,都不能进去。因为信主是关乎生命,并不是拿一个签證。但事实上得救恩比得签證更容易,只要愿意「来」。
All those who sin and do wicked things, the heretics, those who do not follow God’s words, those who do not have the life of the Lord, those who are not led by the Holy Spirit, none of them will enter the kingdom of heaven. They might have been baptized, they might be members of the church, but they will not be able to enter. Because believing in Jesus is about life, is not like getting a visa. Actually obtaining salvation is easier than obtaining a visa, you just have to be willing to “come”.

17圣灵和新妇都说 [ 来 ],听见的人也该说 [来 ],口渴的人 也当 [ 来 ],愿意的都可以白白取生命的水喝。
17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.




16我耶稣差遣我的使者,为众教会将这些事向你们證明, 我是大卫的根,又是他的後裔,我是明亮的晨星。
16 “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”


对於约翰,这里还有一个很重要的證明,是主耶稣亲自对他说话。 他是耶稣所喜欢的门徒,跟耶稣相处了叁年多。耶稣复活升天之後,他 自己以为要等过世之後纔有机会再见到主。谁知所有门徒都过世之後, 他在晚年还能见到主。他在第一章开始见异象那段时间,已经看见几十 年没见过的主。看完所有异象之後,主还是向他显现,对他说话。
There is a very important proof here for John that the Lord Jesus himself spoke to him. He was the disciple that Jesus loved. John had been with Jesus more than 3 years. After Jesus resurrected from the dead and went up to heaven, John thought that he would have to wait until he passed away before seeing the Lord again. Who would have known that after all the disciples had died, he was able to see Jesus once more during his later years. During chapter 1, when he started seeing visions, he saw Jesus whom he hadn’t seen for so many years. After John had seen all the visions, the Lord appeared to him once again and He even spoke to him.


「我耶稣」是一个非常特别的自称。这好像一个画家,画好他的作品 之後,再亲自加上签名,證实这幅画是祂的傑作。祂说,祂是大卫的祖 宗【根】,也是大卫的後裔。这真是非常独特地介绍自己的话。古往今 来,只有一位是可以这样自称的。是他祖宗,也是他後代。
“I, Jesus” is a very particular way to call Himself. It is like an artist who after finishing his work of art, signs it himself to confirm that the paint was indeed his masterpiece. He said that He was the Root and Offspring of David. That is indeed a very unusual way to introduce oneself. Since ancient times, only one person could make that statement, to be his root and his offspring.

古时的大卫发现并建立了旧的耶路撒冷。基督却建立了新的耶路撒 冷。大卫建立了一个长时间的王朝。但基督将要建立一个永远的王朝。 祂将要永远作王,没有穷尽。
David in ancient times founded and built the old Jerusalem. However, Christ, established the new Jerusalem. David established a long dynasty; but Christ will establish an eternal kingdom. He will reign forever and ever, a kingdom without end.


祂也是明亮的晨星。晨星带来新的一天、新的希望。基督也将要再 来,带给世界一个新的景象、永远的盼望。以色列人很尊重大卫,以大 卫的星为国徽。大卫星又称为大卫的盾牌,但这大卫星并不是真的星, 更不是晨星,不会带来新的希望。耶稣基督却是明亮的晨星,是将来新 的领袖,带给人新的希望、永远的倚靠。
He is also the bright Morning Star. Morning star brings a brand new day, a new hope. Christ will soon come back again and He will bring a new sight to behold, eternal hope. The Israelites honored David, they use the Star of David as their national emblem. The Star of David is also called the Shield of David; but the Star of David is not a real star or a morning star, it cannot bring new hope. However, Jesus Christ is indeed the bright Morning Star, He will be the new leader, bringing new hope to mankind in whom we can always rely on.




18我向一切听见这书上豫言的作见證,若有人在这豫言上 加添甚麽,神必将写在这书上的灾祸加在他身上。19这书上的 豫言,若有人删去甚麽,神必从这书上所写的生命树和圣城, 删去他的分。
18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. 19 And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.


这本启示录是非常有权威的,绝对不能轻视。整本新约圣经最重要 的书,就是这一本, 因为内中许多话,是荣耀的基督亲自说的。有些 不是祂亲口说,也是祂差派的天使说的。 「我的使者」是最靠近祂,贴身的天使传话。
Revelation is a book that is very authoritative, by no means can it be underestimated. The most important book in the entire New Testament is this one because many words that appear here are spoken directly by the glorified Christ Himself. In some instances there are words that were not spoken by Him but by an angel whom He sent. “My angel” , the messenger who was closest to Him.

保罗写的书信,我们都尊为圣经,但有些地方他也说,「我没有主 的命令」,只是他个人的意见,不是主的吩咐。但在这里,却是百分之 百是主的话语,比一切先知、使徒讲的话更重要。
The letters that Paul wrote, we regard them as Holy Scripture, but there are some sections where he says: “I have no command from the Lord”, it is only his opinion, it is not the command of the Lord. But here, these are the words of the Lord, one hundred percent; His words are more important than those of all the prophets and apostles.


到底甚麽人会把末日的预言增加或减少?增加或减少预言的目的是 甚麽?增减启示录的结果会是怎样?为甚麽主看得这麽严重?到底增减 一点对主的话语有甚麽大影响?
So actually, who are these people who add or take away from the words of this prophecy? What is the purpose of adding or taking away from the words of this prophecy? What is the result of adding or taking away the words from the book of Revelation? Why does the Lord put so much importance on this? What is the big impact of adding or taking way a few words?


这段话里多次说「我必快来」,或「主啊,我愿祢来」。大家都等得很 焦急。只有那些不想人盼望主快再来的人,纔会增减这书的内容,他们 更改内容的目的是使人不等候主的再来。
The phrases: “I am coming soon,” or “come Lord”, appear a few times in this chapter. Everyone is anxiously waiting. Only those who do not want people to wait for the coming of the Lord will add or take away from the content of this book. The purpose of changing the content of this book is to prevent people from waiting for the return of the Lord.


这问题很严重。无论是谁,他所传讲的若是一个没有末日的福音, 是没有考试就得到学位,叫人不用作準备的,他一定是魔鬼的爪牙。
This problem is very serious. No matter who it is, they are preaching a Gospel that does not include the end of the world, is like getting a degree without having a test, telling people not to be prepared, that person must definitely be an accomplice of Satan.

这种修改主话语的罪,在第二、叁世纪时尤其严重,因为那时需要 人抄写圣经,如果抄写的人随便修改内容,对我们後世影响就很大。今 回教徒普遍相信我们的圣经经过很多恶意修改,已经不是主当日传下来 的,他们用这方法使回教徒不改信基督。但我们知道,我们所根据的圣 经最可靠,我们找到万份以上的手抄本对照,使今天这本圣经,跟约翰 当日所写的,没有甚麽分别。跟随这书内容生活的人是有福的。
The sin of changing the Word of the Lord was specially serious during the second and third century because during those times people had to copy the Scriptures and if words in the Bible were changed, it would have greatly affected us, the later generations. It is widely believed by Muslims today that our Bible had been maliciously altered and it is no longer what the Lord handed down to us. They use this method to keep Muslims from believing in Christ. But we know that the Bible is based on reliable sources. There are more than a thousand manuscripts that proof that there is no difference between our Bible and the one written during John’s times. Blessed are those who live by this book.


从最後一节「愿主耶稣的恩惠常与众圣徒同在,阿们」这句话,我们 知道这是一封信,是会在众教会的聚会中宣读的。第一世纪使徒们的书信,会轮流在各教会朗读,让人人听见。当时还没有新约圣经,旧约圣 经都是抄写在羊皮上,多数人都没有圣经可读。他们就靠主日聚会时, 听使徒或长老朗读与讲解圣经真理。当时没有印刷设备之时,圣经的话 都是听回来的,没有机会像我们今日人手一本。这是现代人的福气。我 们要重视它、宣扬它,要人人知道,好作準备。
From the last verse, ” The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen,” we know it was a letter that was read in the assembly of the churches. During the first century, the epistles of the apostles were read in different churches so everyone could listen to it. In those days, they didn’t have the New Testament yet, and the Old Testament was copied on sheepskin, many of the people did not have a Bible that they could read on their own. They would depend on the apostles or elders of the church to read them Bible truths. During those early times there was no printing press, they could only hear the word of God as it was read to them, they didn’t each have a Bible. Nowadays, it is a blessing to have a Bible we could read on our own. We should value it and proclaim it’s message so every human being will know to be ready.