CHAPTER XXII – Revelation 启示录 9:13-21 – 廿一世纪的战争方式 TYPES OF WARFARE IN THE 21ST CENTURY

启示录的信息 The Message of the Book of Revelation by Rev. Carpus Yip 葉華牧師 / Bilingual Edition  ( 简体中文 Simplified Chinese  and English).



廿一世纪的战争方式 (启示录9:13-21)

这是第六号,是在教会被提之前,地上的战事方式。从这号所告诉 我们的情况,知道现在已经在末世最後阶段。教会被提很快就会应验。
This is the sixth trumpet. It describes the types of warfare used on earth before the rapture of the Church. From the events described in this trumpet sound, we know that at this moment we have already entered the last stages of the end times. The rapture of the church will soon take place.


14吩咐那吹号的第六位天使说:把那捆绑在伯拉大河的 四个使者释放了。
14 It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.”

第六号的灾难,明显是从中东,从幼发拉底河(伯拉大河)一带的 使者所发起的。这种战争方式,虽然影响全世界,但发源地是在中东。
It is obvious that the tribulation from the sixth trumpet came from the Middle East; initiated by the angel in the region of the river Euphrates. Even though that method of war influenced the whole world, it originated in the Middle East.


15那四个使者就被释放,他们原是豫备好了,到某年、 某月、某日、某时要杀人的叁分之一。
15 And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind.

这四大使者所推行的战争,乃是「先预备好」的,在特定的时间中进 行。「某年、某月、某日、某时」,一个冠词带四个名词,不是指一段时 期,乃是指特定的时间。这是描写定好时间的杀人方式,用定时炸弹, 或预定好的攻击计划。这正是廿一世纪开始之时所推出的战争方式。美 国的 911事件,就是最具代表性的一次行动。
The war that these four angels had been “kept ready for” will carry out their orders at a designated time. “This very hour and day and month and year”; the words “this very” along with four nouns indicates a specific time not a period of time. It describes a way of killing people by setting a specific time using a time bomb or scheduling an attack in advance. That is the method of war launched at the beginning of the 21st century. The event on 911 in the United States is the best example of this kind of operation.


17我在异象中看见那些马和骑马的,骑马的胸前有甲如火, 与紫玛瑙,并硫磺。
17 The horses and riders I saw in my vision looked like this: Their breastplates were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur.

这里说的是马兵,不是走路的步兵,是有交通工具的,古代用马, 现代的马兵用车。他们拿著甚麽武器?刀鎗都没有,武器就在胸前。有 火红色、深红色的东西,与硫磺(就是炸药。约翰写书之时还没有发明 炸药)。这是与人同归於尽的战争方式。以前打仗,目标是杀死敌人, 现在打仗,除杀死敌人也杀死自己。我死一个人,你要死一百个人。
Here is speaks of horses and riders, not foot soldiers, which means they have means of transportation. In the old times, soldiers used horses, in modern times they use vehicles. What kind of weapons were they holding? They did not have guns or swords, the weapons were on their breastplates which were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur (which are explosive materials. At the time John wrote this book, explosives had not been invented yet.) This is the style of war were people die together with their opponents. In the old times, the target was to kill the enemy but nowadays the objective is to kill the enemy while committing suicide. By killing myself I will have killed a hundred of my enemies.

这种敌人很难防备。他们不穿军服,只穿上炸药,走到人多热闹的 地方纔爆炸。他们都是先预备好的。早预备一切工具,伤害无辜的人。
杀伤力很大 美国过去十年在伊拉克、阿富汗的战争,伤亡的军兵人数是有史以 来,美军打仗中死的人数最多。其他西方国家伤亡人数也不少。另外 平民死亡人数以百万来算。很多都是因为定时炸弹或自杀炸弹而死的。 都发生在幼发拉底河的附近。
In the past decade, the largest number of U.S. troops killed in battle since the beginning of history has been during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Actually, the number of soldiers killed in battle from other Western countries is not that small either. In addition, the death toll of civilian casualties has been in the millions. Many of them have died from time bombs and suicide attacks. All these killings happened in the vicinity of the great river Euphrates.

多处说杀人叁分之一。记得叁分之一的意思,是局部地区的人,全 数死亡的意思。像攻击世贸两座大厦的时候,两座大楼的人几乎全部罹 难,这就是叁分一的人死了。当一个定时炸弹爆炸,在炸弹周围的人都 死了,这是叁分之一的意思。是当时、当地的全部。
The phrase “to kill a third of mankind”is mentioned several times. Remember that the meaning of “a third” refers to the entire number of people in a localized region. Like the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, most of the people who were at the Twin Towers died, that means a third was killed. When a time bomb explodes, those who are in that entire area will be killed, that is the meaning of “a third”. It means all the people, at that moment, in a specific location.


16 The number of the mounted troops was twice ten thousand times ten thousand. I heard their number.

廿世纪以美国教会最兴盛,著名的解经家最多,全世界很多传道人 都在美国留学,影响全世界教会的解经方法。其中只要有一个错误,全 世界都受影响。六十年代慕迪圣经学院的解经家 Ironside对这经文的 解释,今天还有很多传道人引用。
The churches in the Unites States flourished during the 20th century and so did the number of renowned Bible commentators. Many preachers came from all over the world to study in America which influenced the way that churches around the world explained the Bible. Yet, one small error could have a worldwide effect. Today many preachers still quote Ironside’s explanation regarding this passage. Ironside was a Bible commentator from the Moody Bible Institute during the 60’s.

很多老信徒都听过这一段经文的错误解释,都对中国存有偏见。起 因於1965年5月21日纽约时报第35页记载,中国拥有二亿步兵,这 数目刚与16节的马军有二亿一样。只因为中国拥有这麽多军人,所以 大家认为启示录中那二亿的马军,就是中国派去中东杀人的军队。到近 年,还有传道人说,下一步就是中共出师中东了。
Many older Christians who have heard the incorrect interpretation of this passage are still bias towards China. This all started on May 21, 1965 when on page 35 of Time magazine it stated that China had a 200 million men army. That number was the same as the number of mounted troops in verse 16. Because China has so many soldiers, everyone believed that those 200 million mounted troops were the ones sent by China to fight in the Middle East. Even today there are still preachers who say that the next step will be Communist China sending an army to the Middle East.

但这里从来没有说过,是由中国或东方派去的军队,而是清楚说, 是幼发拉底河附近所发起的事件。中国有的是二亿「步兵」,这里说的却 是「马军」,马军是有交通工具的骑兵,有战车、战马纔算马军。中国并 没有那麽多的马军。
Nowhere in this passage does it say that that army was sent from China or from the Orient; but it clearly says that this event was initiated near the great river Euphrates. China has 200 million “foot soldiers”, but here is says “mounted troops”. Mounted troops refer to the cavalry that has means of transportation, soldiers who fight mounted on horseback. China does not possess such a great number of mounted troops.

反过来看,全世界回教徒有十七亿人口,只要其中有八分之一是极 端份子,就有二亿个有交通工具的杀手。八分之一,可以说是非常保守 的数字,仇视西方世界的回教徒,远远超过八分之一。
On the other hand, the Muslim population around the world is about 1.7 billion. If an eighth of them were extremists, there would be 200 million assassins with means of transportation. An eighth can be said to be a very conservative figure. Muslims who are hostile to the western world far exceeds that number.


17马的头像狮子头,有火有烟、有硫磺,从马口中出来,。 18口中所出来的火、烟、硫磺,这叁样杀人的叁分之一。19这 马的能力,是在口里和尾巴上,尾巴像蛇,并且有头用以害人。
17 The horses and riders I saw in my vision looked like this: Their breastplates were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur. The heads of the horses resembled the heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke and sulfur. 18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths. 19 The power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails were like snakes, having heads with which they inflict injury.

步兵之上有马兵。古代的战马,就是现代的战车。它看来像坦克, 有细长的一根炮管像蛇,能发射炸弹。有火、有烟喷出来。在现场的人 全部都要死,所以它也是杀人叁分之一。
The cavalry is a rank higher than a foot soldier. The war-horses in ancient times are today’s tanks. Tanks have thin and narrow cannons that resemble a snake, capable of launching bombs. Fire and smoke comes out of it. All those who are on-the-spot will die, that is why it said a third of mankind was killed.


20其馀未曾被杀的人, 仍旧不悔改手所作,还是去拜鬼魔 和那些不能看、不能听、不能走 金银铜木石的偶像。
20 The rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk.

以前的世代,人在受苦的时候会回头呼求神,希望神拯救他们。但 在末世,人受苦的时候,仍然不悔改。他们仍然只信金、银、铜、木、 石的偶像,只信靠经济的发展、科技的发明,不会回转过来倚靠神。
In the old times, when people were in distress they would call on God to help them. But during the end times, when people face sufferings, they will still be unrepentant. They will continue to believe only in their gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood idols. They will only believe in economic developments and in the inventions of science and technology. They will not turn to God and trust in Him.

表示人那时候灵已经麻木。灾难打击的不单是肉体,也是心灵。狗 打架之後,倒头就睡,不像人几天都睡不著,连作梦都要坐起来大骂一 顿。狗没有灵,也就没有心灵烦恼。人受打击太厉害会得到精神病,一 个敏锐的心灵在灾难来之时,会想到与神的关係,很容易就想到悔改。
This shows that in those days the spirit of mankind will become deadened. When disaster hits, it not only affects the physical body but also the spirit. Dogs can get into a fight and then turn around and go right back to sleep. People are different, after they get into a fight they cannot sleep for a many days and if they get some sleep they would still be quarreling in their dreams. Dogs do not have a spirit and therefore do not have worries. When people face intense stressful situations they may have a nervous breakdown. When disaster hits a person with a keen spirit, he or she will think about his or her relationship with God and very easily think about repentance.


21又不悔改他们那些凶杀、邪术(pharmakon可能指吸毒) 姦淫、偷窃的事。
21 Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts (“pharmakon” may refer to drug addiction), their sexual immorality or their stealing.

20节是信仰上不悔改,21节是道德上不悔改。十诫上的罪,就是 这两大类:信仰的罪与道德的罪。对神没有信心,对人没有爱心。
Verse 20 refers to their unrepentant beliefs, Verse 21 talks about their unrepentant behavior. The sins mentioned in the Ten Commandments belong to these two big categories: Sins of beliefs and sins of behavior. No faith in God and no love for people.


13第六位天使吹号,我就听见有声音从神面前的金坛(不是 祭坛)的四角出来(表示神听圣徒祷告而出来的反应)。
13 The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns (which represents God’s response to the prayers of the saints) of the golden altar (not the altar of sacrifice) that is before God.

这是主亲自说的话,是从神宝座出来的吩附,由天使去执行。但很 多人觉得,读启示录对我们属灵的追求,要多祷告、多爱主等方面,好 像没有甚麽帮助。只像读一本神怪小说,只是满足好奇心。
These are words spoken personally by God; they are instructions that come from the throne of God which are carried out by the angels. Yet many people read the book of Revelation just to satisfy their curiosity as reading a fantasy novel, they do not feel like studying the book of Revelation for spiritual growth, with much prayer and love for the Lord.

这些事既然是主对我们说的,当然有很重要的功课要我们学习。我 们不单要知道末世会发生甚麽事,也要知道我们该怎麽做、怎麽回应。 这样,我们就要回到启示录的主题。本书主题不是告诉人末世有甚麽灾 难,乃是告诉我们,基督的国将怎样建立起来,甚麽时候祂正式掌权。
If these are words spoken to us by God, there is definitely a very important lesson for us to learn. We not only want to know what will happen during the end times, we also need to know what to do and how to respond. Thus, we have to go back to the main theme of the book of Revelation. The main theme of this book is not to inform us about the disasters that will take place during the end times, but to tell us how and when the Kingdom of Christ will be established.

历代誌上十二章,大卫在流亡时期,有很多勇士来归附他,帮助他 建立王朝。那些勇士们有很多优点:忠心、同心、有才能。当然这些都 是天国同工的特点。但最特别的地方,在於他们「认识时代,知道以色 列所当行的事」。了解处境、认识大局、认识时代需要,表示他们有眼 光、有远见、有异象,跟没有信心的人非常不一样。
In 1 Chronicles, chapter 12, during the time of David’s exile, many mighty warriors joined him to help establish his kingdom. Those mighty warriors had special abilities and were loyal and of one heart. Of course, the co-workers of the kingdom of heaven should also have those characteristics. But what was special about them was that these might warriors “understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” Understanding the plight, knowing the general situation and recognizing the needs of the times; that shows that they have insight, they have vision and they can see ahead. They are very different from those who do not have faith.

有人信主却不儆醒,只为肉身安排,只求无灾无病,能吃能睡就好 了。不知道人生需要圣灵的引导,过圣灵充满的生活,要关心教会、关 心主的福音有没有传开,关心自己的亲人有没有信主。
There are some people who believe in the Lord yet are not watchful. They feel it is okay just to have their physical needs met, to be free of sicknesses and calamities, and to be able to sleep and eat well. They do know that believers need the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to live a Spirit filled life; they need to care for the needs of the church as well as being concerned about spreading the Gospel to their loved ones and to others.

好些人常有困难、压力,生活中很多烦恼。「家家有本难念的经。」 所以没有时间想到教会的事,没有心情建立基督的国。到了主国降临之 後,新耶路撒冷成立,那时候纔发现,原来有很多人不是住在新圣城里 面,将来不是过最美好丰盛的生活。因为在今世他们都满足於一种次等 的生活,将来在天国里也只有做次等的公民。这不是主所期待的民众。
People often have problems, stress, and many worries in life. Every family has their own struggles. People do not have the time to think about the things of the church and do not have the frame of mind to build Christ’s Kingdom. Finally, after the Kingdom of God comes to earth and the New Jerusalem is established, we will then realize that there are a lot of people who will not be living inside the Holy City and therefore will not be able to live an abundant life at their fullest. Because they were satisfied to live a second-class life in this world; in the future, when they are in the Kingdom of Heaven, they will just be second-class citizens. That is not what the Lord expects from us.

听从主的话又去遵行的人,纔是有福的人。今世的灾病不会打倒他 们,将来在天国也过著高素质的生活。
Those who hear the Word of God and put it into action will be blessed. The disasters and illnesses of this life will not be able to overthrow them and they will have a high-quality abundant life in the Kingdom of Heaven.